The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pantries and Preparedness. Merchant Ship Mentality works!

Since last weeks post I have had so many letters telling me the same thing... surprising success with travelling further afield and trying different shops!   This is really paying off for me. Tomorrow I am heading off again on a mission to try out some new shops in an area south of us.  The last trip saved us so much that we are still reaping the benefits.

I have realised a few things that have clouded my judgement have probably been the result of advertising and what I guess might be called "popular culture" .... the ideas that supermarkets have everything you need in one place, no one can beat their prices (which is why so many old places closed down) and that convenience is everything.   I more or less believed these things for quite some time!  The only trouble is NONE of them are true.

The idea of convenience is somehow everywhere. Everyone wants fast, easy, instant.  We are led to believe this is a good thing.  But if shopping around different stores (and perhaps some a bit further away) save a large sum per week and mean you have so much more and better produce why does it matter if its not convenient?  If you save $50 by spending two extra hours a week on your shopping isn't  $25 an hour for your work a reasonable rate?  It's worth thinking about.
And the same with cooking.  I found with making sausage rolls the other day that what I made vs the cost for the same in the shops saved me over $100.  It took me a little over an hour to make them.  $100 an hour? Who makes that!?  This convenience thing has a high price!   It is great sometimes that is for sure but a little bit of inconvenience sure can be a big saver!

As it turns out finding seriously cheaper prices and improving the economy of the whole household is so worthwhile it is fun.   You can quite possibly change the fortunes of your home economy very significantly!

Jen in NZ wrote:

Your shopping trips to different areas have been an eye opener, I have begun to do the same here as I'm often quite disappointed with our local supermarkets. I found a cheese shop selling rounds of brie and Camembert for $1, they are $4.49 in the supermarket. And sometimes they have 1kg of Parmesan for $7, normally more than that for 250g at the supermarket! Now to find fruit, vegetables and meat at a better price! 

I love hearing this!

The photos in this post are recent ones sent in that I think fit our pantry theme.

Baking day with Chloe.

I also want to share this beautiful letter with you all.   Jesse has put the merchant ships mentality to work with amazing results.  I hope this encourages everyone.  We don't have some of the stores Jesse mentions. It doesn't matter!  The principals remain the same.  I have ended up including the whole letter as it is full of good things! 

Beautiful Muffins by Teresa.

Dearest Annabel and bluebirds,
Even though I rarely comment I am truly one of the fold. I so enjoy the spirit of these comments because I too do these things. Being a stay at home mom to three, soon to be 4 children, plus homeschooling doesn't leave me a lot of time for grocery shopping however a few years ago I was so fed up with leaving our local big chain grocery store in tears. I simply couldn't get what we needed there weekly with our budget. So I told the Lord and myself I'd find a new way if He'd help and He really did. Now I travel one hour each way every 2-3 weeks and am able to go to Aldi, B.J.s (like Sam's club) and occasionally another discount store like Ollies. Yes it's a sacrifice and a lot of women think I'm crazy but I got so tired of what They called deals! We have a big family and I love to entertain and now I always have plenty to share. At least some in the US see stocking up as weird but I feel blessed knowing we always have food to share. We live in a very rural area so if we have snow, or some other tragedy we are prepared. I also make an hour trek about every 6 weeks to a massive discount grocery store owned by the Amish. This trip is gold! I leave with two carts, heaped up and over, full of anything you can think of (gourmet, organic, specialty, coffee, cereal, cheese, yoghurt, body products, house products, even gifts) for around $300. Here a normal week of groceries could easily cost that much if you just shopped a big market. So with these trips I feel prepared, my husband and children are blessed, and I can share so many meals! Yes it's exhausting with the boys but it's teaching them so much about the cost of things and what it takes to run a household! My nine year old can spot a great deal! It also helps them have some say in what they get to eat which they enjoy. When we do our Aldi trip we usually splurge and eat a meal out. We can, we just saved a lot of money! Most of our beef and pork we are able to buy in bulk, we eat local eggs and do grow a lot of veggies. We have started an orchard and have many berry bushes planted too. I also grind our own flour, which is an initial investment, but oh so tasty and healthy. Everything else I look on Amazon for and get through subscribe and save for very competitive prices. Overall I can see just where the Lord started blessing me when I was willing to step from my comfort zone and work a bit harder to bring in food. I just recently got a friend to do the same as she too was feeling so sad over how little a grocery budget could do. I took her to the Amish store and when she got home her children and husband were practically in tears at the bounty! On another note Annabel I just recently saw how important it is to have extra bedding! I have always kept whatever extra nice bedding i could (we have 6 beds in our home) so when recently we had missionary friends stay with us our guest beds were lovely. The evening they left they called us with some sad news, they had found some lice on their daughter's head :( We immediately stripped the beds, pillows, and couches. I washed and line dried everything (hot summer sun here in Pennsylvania) and vacuumed (best tool against lice i read.) Now you tell me what I would have done if that was basically our only bedding! I have wiped up too much vomit, baby spit up, and potty accidents to believe that extra bedding and towels could ever be a problem :) I truly strive for my home to be orderly and manageable, which it is, but I draw the line at getting down to one set of sheets per bed! You ladies are such an encouragement to me! I want to comment so often and can't but I'm going to make more of an effort! I always talk about my Bluebird friends. I want to send you some pics Annabel as we have similar styles. Love and blessings to you all! Jesse in Pennsylvania.

Thank you so much Jesse!  Thank you for taking the time to share this! 

Vicky's Cabbages are really coming on! 

During the week I found another wonderful letter on the web archive that Laine wrote about shopping and keeping the prices right down.  I don't know how I missed this one as it is full of information and inspiration.    Laine was doing just what Jesse is doing now! You can read it  here.   It goes very well with the one I mentioned last week.

Laine  also applied this equally to thrift shopping.  Here she was advising someone who wrote to her for advice.  This person had said how she doesn't have a thrift store...

 "If I didn't have a thrift shop in my town, I'd travel once a month or so to a town that did. My mom takes me on one of these trips every year on my birthday. We hit thrift shops an hour away. It's so much fun. Garage sales and swap meets are also great places to save money. "

Just part of Vicky's Veggie garden! 

As it turns out many times you can combine thrift stores/op shops and regular shopping on further away trips.  It becomes a major adventure!

I am heading off tomorrow. My friend Hilde tells me about a store near her that I never have been too. It is right next to a fantastic op shop! 😊
Hilde is a big saver. She can cook anything too so I always learn new recipes from her.
My last shopping trip to her area saved me so much.  I am still in awe of that shop.
That shop reminded me of years ago when I routinely shopped further afield as I was in a very small country town with very high prices.  I went an hour inland once a fortnight or an hour and a half south once every couple of months.  These were huge days.  But they were so much fun!  The girls thought these days were the best fun ever! It was a great adventure!  Just like Jesse, these trips made so much difference to the whole household!

There are lots of ways we can incorporate shopping further afield into our routine. We might be somewhere due to an appointment or visit.  We might have family or friends who can pick something up for us and bring it with them when they are coming our way.  We can be creative with this!

Next week our post is by Laine!  This will be a general savings tips post!

Have a wonderful week! xxx

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Feather your Nest Friday, 21 July, 2017.

This was another good week!  Andy has had work each day and yesterday more came in so he will also be working all weekend.  He is very happy (so am I!) and so he is making hay while the sun shines! 😊

Some of the ways I saved this week include:

I made bubble bath. I have been loving my bath so much!  So I made luxury bubble bath from ordinary ingredients.  It is lovely! The  recipe is here Hollywood Bubble Bath.
As well,  I have a rustic "caddy" across the bath for all my bits and pieces.  I needed this!  Its a road side find that Andy cut to fit. He cut grooves into it so it can't fall or slide...

We could have a post on creating luxury for pennies!

I made lemon cakes with some of my lemons.  This cake contains yoghurt so ideal for using up yoghurt as well.

These ended up with lemon icing and I cut one up and froze the slices.  It was really fresh and lemony!

I made a lamb roast from Lamb Mum gave me. The left overs will be tomorrow nights dinner, lamb and tatziki wraps.  Mum also gave me frozen peas and beans.

To use up more lemons I filled several ice cube trays with lemon juice and froze them.

I made a curry and a mint raita to go with it.  To make the raita you just add heaps of fresh mint to a nice creamy yoghurt plus a sprinkle of Cumin.

Then just blitz it and you have a lovely mint dip/dressing which is gorgeous with anything spicy.

I also made Naan Bread.  For this I use my usual bread recipe plus three huge spoons of yoghurt. 

Here is it rising (I took the cover off to show it) with a hot pack around it! It was a cold day! 

Two chickens photo bombed this photo too I notice! 

One batch of dough gets me 16 Naan breads.  You cut roll them out thin and fry in olive oil. 

As I used to buy this I know they roll it out in random shapes so I do this too... and fry them until they are deep golden.  Also I know they are $1.75 each in the shops, meaning one batch saves almost thirty dollars. Plus they are so much better, stretch a meat meal, freeze well... 

I  made Scarlet several batches of baby food. Pureed sweet potato, pureed pumpkin and pureed carrot. I froze it in ice cube trays. 

Mum went home to the farm. She had two weeks here helping Lucy, feeding Scarlett, taking Harper for walks and adventures to the park.  She knitted the girls a ton of hats and warm things. This is one of the hats she made Harper... they come down around her eyes and over her ears and keep her warm.

They are constant buddies!  Whatever Harper is wearing she has a tutu over the top, including pyjamas. haha! 

I mended a jumper for Andy.

In the mail I received a $70 voucher for shopping at Coles!  This is the most I have ever had. We don't have coupons here but we have a kind of loyalty points system in some shops.  This one had sent out vouchers where if you handed in a particular voucher on a certain product purchase or in the right week you would get 1000 points (and other offers) I did this for the last few months until the offers ran out. Well, I got $70!  Now I will turn that into at least $140 worth of goods for my pantry by only spending it on big specials or markdowns.  I also got a whole new series of vouchers for the next few months.  You have to be organised with them so I cut them up and stick them in my diary week by week as they all have specific dates... but look how it paid off!  

I did some pruning in the garden and now it is all done!

I wrote $343 in my savings book for my Vicky Challenge.

How was your week?  What did you do to save, get ahead or build up your pantry? 

Have a lovely weekend! xxx

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Christmas Challenge. A bit more for my cupboard!

Last week was good for adding to my present cupboard.  After cards, gift tags  and crocheted rugs I went on to a few other things.  I have been trying to use up things I have on hand.
Lucy had given me a fur vest.  The fur itself was beautiful but the vest really made anyone (no matter how young and skinny) look like a pink polar bear.
I made it into powder puffs.  I love these and they make lovely gifts...

I got six. I am keeping one so five went into the cupboard.  The cost was zero as I had the ribbon and I used scraps to stuff them.  Added to powder or bath products, soap etc they will be luscious gifts! 

My evening crochet project has been to edge kitchen towels.  I got two packets of ten on Ebay.  This was much cheaper than I could get otherwise.  Out of twenty I only have four to go!

I stamped some plain cards and envelopes but these are more for my own supplies. I used up a lot of these sending out sour dough starter!

Also, from Ebay,  I bought a bulk pack of heart shaped gift tags.  I love them!  I got stamping and added string ties...

I have been making them up into sets as little gifts...

So 20 sets of these went into the cupboard.  You can see this is my favourite stamp!

I have been following Pasty's sewing challenge.   Everything I have made has been from things I already have.  Here I have used some of the sheeting I got on my op shop day.  There are now tablecloths and matching napkins. 

Cutting up a quilt cover meant I got two table cloths plus matching napkins for under $3! 

I used up some cotton odds and ends and made dish cloths or wash cloths.  These will go with the homemade soap I already made or into kitchen themed gift baskets.  They are a nice absorbent cotton.

I had a pretty fabric remnant so I made that up into two gift bags.  I thought after they could be used for travel bags or something else but meanwhile they would make a couple of gifts look nice!

The other night I had a finishing off night, sewing in threads and folding things nicely. When I put a big lot away into the cupboard I really noticed how much is in there now!  I am getting there!  This is a refreshing change after a slow start! 

After the last kitchen towels I have about a dozen of the gauze face cloths to crochet around. They are lovely for baby wash cloths or makeup removing cloths.  They were also from Ebay at 35c each! 
I have a bit more fabric in my stash but not much!  However... I am going op shopping soon! 

Next week we will start Show and Tell again.  Already I have some amazing things to show you!  If you would like to join in just send me a picture (or several) of what you have been making at or post them to the Bluebirds Facebook page. 

Today I am heading to Aldi.  It is possible a few more items will end up in the gift cupboard if the catalogue is anything to go by!  When I see amazing deals and think a certain person would really love an item,  it is the time to act.  I am so glad of these finds come December!

Even now there is heaps of time to make a world of difference to reduce the costs of a wonderful Christmas.  Not only are the savings incredible but Christmas is more fun and less stress.  

What are you working on? Do you have supplies that could basically become free gifts if you can think of something to make with them? These are the best!  xxx

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Pantries and Preparedness. Like Merchant Ships.

The last few weeks I have been putting into practice advice from Laine on grocery shopping.  I had really started to freak out about the cost of meat and vegetables here.  But then, I am hearing that from everyone.  Also the other day our electricity prices went up by another 20% in one day.  It is somewhat scary and daunting!   Most times I run into worries I turn back to Laine's Letters and start studying.  This time I started taking notes.

To get started I studied Merchant Ships Mentality which is full of information.  There are other letters on saving money, pantry building, making the most of food and much more.  We were also lucky enough to have new money saving grocery shopping tips from Laine (written especially for us!) a fortnight ago which can be found  here.

I don't know how many times I have read Proverbs 31 and read vs 14:  "she is like merchant ships, bringing her food from afar."
Not just one ship she is like "ships."  That is really busy!   Merchant ships carry cargo from far away lands,  basically never stop,  they set off well stocked for long journeys,  face storms at sea and the pilots mission is to deliver the goods to where they are needed.  There is so much in this verse!

It was Laine who helped me put this verse into the here and now and understand its meaning in terms of my own shopping.  I am still learning, that is for sure,  but the last weeks have shown me some of the potential of travelling further afield and considering a wider range of ways to shop.

Laine  is working on another money saving post for us.  I notice I have to read and re read these kinds of posts to actually put it all into practice so I can't wait to read the next one! She always says to keep learning.  This is true. We can learn so much each week!

It is funny how we can "know" things or have heard them before but not fully understood them or put them to work.  Also we are creatures of habit.  We tend to establish strong habits and grocery shopping is no different.  I tended to go to the same two shops,  park in the same row if I could,  shop the store in the same order ... week after week.   When we got Aldi I was pretty quick to change over to their store though!

Since then I decided to try shops out of my area,  discover different shops altogether and start from scratch basically!   I wrote down everything I currently have on hand that I can use in meals and everything that we need.  Mostly I buy the best deals then come up with a menu plan from this point.   I also started to pray the night before, pray on the way and pray in the shop!
Well, I have to say the results have been AMAZING.  

I am not the only one!  Cookie wrote to me a few days ago and told me the same thing!

"This trip I prayed while I shopped per Laine. Annabel, I am in awe of how effective this is!  I shopped for one month like Laine does and without coupons the grand total came in $110  under budget!  The only place I want to go now is a family owned grocery in town to bulk buy cherries and cauliflower as these are their loss leaders at $1.99 a pound for the local cherries and $1.99 per cauliflower..."

Thanks Cookie for sharing your good results! 

For me it is not just finding cheaper prices it is adding to my pantry as well.   If I can do both I am very happy.  

From two main supermarkets my grocery shopping has extended to:

Aldi, usually once a week. Mostly for the special buys and best buys on meat and staples. 

Franco's Fruit and Vegies...

This is where there was a harmonica player out the front the first week!  I'm not sure why he has a cow on top!  But you can't miss it! 😊

Specialty Foods for the best meat wholesale specials.  We get the weeks deals  emailed to us on Sundays. 

Romeos Foodland at Morphett Vale.

Lettuce Inn at Southgate Plaza.  (good name) 

Rite Price 
Cheap as Chips
Browse and Save 
The Reject Shop
Adelaide Fresh, Morphett Vale.

I don't go to all of these every week.  I try to check the specials and decide where to go and then do as many as I can in one trip.  
Happily there are some amazing op shops in some of these areas as well!

Before I started travelling further afield and trying new stores I had reached the stage of having enough basics at home to only look at buying them on really big specials.  This included things like shampoo and conditioner, laundry power, toilet paper, rice, pasta, tea... the very basics.
But it did not extend to meat, cheese, butter etc.  
Now I have found myself ahead with everything.  This means there is nothing I need to buy unless it is on an absolutely awesome deal.  This is a much better position to be in! 

The last weeks have been fun, interesting and really have paid off.   Totally worth it.
If you are in grocery shopping habits there is a chance things have changed in recent times, it might be worth a look in other areas,  different shops, markets... who knows what is near by!   Many things I just assumed were wrong!   Somehow something quietly happened.... supermarkets are no longer cheap.  I suspect we were lured in until we were regular and reliable and then slowly this change happened!  

These are the changes here where I live.  Everywhere will be different and we will have different stores, prices, distances etc.   But the grocery bill is something that can vary enormously.  Our  whole household, health and budget are hugely impacted!  If we are like Merchant Ships we can do much more with much less money!  

Have a wonderful week! xxx

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Feather your Nest Friday, 14th July, 2017.

It is pouring with rain this morning and cold!  It has been a good week and I always feel happy with plenty to report.  Sitting for a few minutes to review the week makes me realise how good it was!  Also working out my Vicky Challenge I see how much we saved and what a difference it all makes.

Some of the ways I saved money and got ahead this week were:

I made a double batch of Miracle Cleaner.  It turned out so well! The best batch ever!  It smells beautiful.
The recipe is here on Clean and Fresh.

This batch was better than ever due to making my own lemon vinegar first.
Since I have had so many lemons I have saved all the peel and added these to big jars.  White vinegar goes in and you just let that steep.

The vinegar becomes lemon scented. Lemons have great cleaning properties.  And the vinegar takes on a lovely yellow colour! 

When I made up the Miracle Cleaner I strained some of this off for my recipe.  The detergent component I used was dish detergent which was also lemon in colour. 
There is something about yellow and lemons in the middle of winter that is just beautiful! 

People are spending big on "all natural" cleaners and wanting less chemicals in the home.  Making your own cleaners is so easy, cheap and beautiful. And this works so well and your whole house smells so good!

During the week I cooked up the beef I found on special and made a casserole in the crockpot.  This was dinner the first night.  Then this became pies. I made one large and eight individual beef pies which I topped with mashed potato. (Shepherds Pie style) This gave us another dinner and four meals to freeze.

Every day I did some sewing towards my sewing challenge. 

It was raining so I sat all my house plants out in the rain for half a day. This does them so much good and does the dusting as well!

I finally made my own sweet pie crusts.  They turned out to be easy. 

My dough turned out nicely and it goes into the fridge for a while. Then rolling it out was no problem.

To fill these I made more lemon butter! And I still have so many lemons!

Next I am trying a Sour Dough piecrust. After that I will post the recipe I think is the best. 

Andy made some rainwater barrels and set them up like mini rainwater tanks with stands and taps.

I packaged up more Bay Leaves for gift giving.

Mum gave me some venison.  I cooked it her way which is with a thick layer of whole grain mustard over the top then roasted.  Andy thought it was amazing!

Mum has been in town for a while. She has had Harper over for days with her.  They walk over to my place with Harper pushing her babies in a pram! 

The babies are tucked up in a rug I made years ago.. because it is really cold!

I made a huge pot of sweet potato and pumpkin soup.  When I was cooking  a roast I added the whole sweet potato plus the huge wedges of pumpkin to the stove.  The next day they sliced up like butter.
This was beautiful.  I got a dinner and ten containers of soup... some for the week and some were frozen.

I cleaned the oven. It was over due and a big job. You all know what a barrel of laughs cleaning the oven is.  😊

Last night I made pizzas. I took out my sour dough starter Wednesday and got it going.  Being cold I warmed up a hot pack and put it around my dough yesterday. That worked a treat!
I got two large and four small pizzas.

The four small ones make up the bulk of the fishing day lunch I send the boys. That is another big savings, sending their days food and drinks. (which they seem to love as well!)

I still need to add up my Vicky Challenge but now I have ANOTHER floor man coming.  

The last three weeks I have really felt like we got ahead in lots of little ways. This has been helped a lot by my shopping experiment and shopping completely differently.  More on that on Monday!

How did you build up your home, save money and get ahead, this week?  
Have a good weekend! xxx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Christmas Challenge. July progress...

Now we are in the second half of the year and I think knowing this has made me get moving a bit faster. Do you ever feel stuck and know you should be doing something but just can't gather any momentum? That is how I was with a lot of crafts earlier in the year.
Then I look back and think we had Lucy having Scarlett, Mum in hospital and I was sick and visiting the hospital myself. It was a bit of a crazy start to the year!  So considering all that we have actually done quite well!

But now something has clicked and my gifts, crafts and present cupboard are all doing better.
I have a lot to report this week and next week!
Mainly I am trying to use up supplies I have as much as I can.  First I got out all my card making things and magazines etc.  I also had some images printed on card that I had planned to make into gift tags.  These had been in a folder for quite some time! They were fiddly to cut out but I got quite a few...

I kept some to use myself as gift cards and made the rest up into packs (in cellophane bags) to give as little gifts.  We all need cards so I think they are a handy gift.

While watching football I cut out magazine images. I had some fantastic magazines from an op shop trip.   I was also just using up blank cards I already had.  I even used ribbons I already had!

I ended up with a couple dozen cards.  This is good as I had run out altogether.

They don't really come anymore simple than these.  I need a session to make some for men.  I have the supplies so that will be next!

Being cold weather I have been crocheting. With this also I am using up supplies.  Both of these are for a charity. They are a knee rug or cot size.

I just realised cot is one of those words! Cot here would be crib I think in the US? (before single bed stage.)

Also I am thrilled to have made a bulk purchase that takes care of seven men in the family at Christmas.  Yes,  seven gifts are completed!  Except I can't show you as too many are reading!  I will say this... other times the idea has come up to watch for bargains in the year and put them away when you can. And also that sometimes you can bulk buy something, split things up and re package.  All these are involved here!  The repackaging took me ages but now they are done and I have put these into the present cupboard ready to go!

I cannot tell you how happy I am about this!  I have saved a fortune and because I find gifts for men overall harder I feel so relieved to have come up with something really really good!  😊
My present cupboard is now looking really great!  

Since then I have been working on lots of gifts for women.  I have really made progress there too!  But I need to take some photos and these will be next week! 

One thing I think that has helped me lots is doing multiple batches of things.  I rarely make one of anything.  A few spares come in handy. We have birthdays to manage as well. There are always unexpected gifts to give.  Production lines really mean you produce a lot more. This doesn't apply to everything but gift wrapped soaps, packaging up cards to give a gifts, cooking gifts and many things work out really well as a way to get a lot of gifts at one time.

Another thing I find is around mid year are some of the best sales and markdowns.  This is the time to stash things that will complement hand made gifts.  Keep your eyes open as these little bargains can really help the gift cupboard grow! 

What have you been working on?  
I hope your week is going well!  Although it is cold we have perfect sunshine and it is just lovely! 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Pantries and Preparedness. Keeping a spare.

First things first! Kelsey and her husband have a baby boy! And he is beautiful!  I was so excited to get an email from Kelsey and hear this news! Congratulations to you both!

This week we are looking at keeping spares and back ups.
The photos in this post are from you all!  I love seeing your baking, produce and creativity!

Rachel making Ravioli. 

Do you notice how home baking just looks so beautiful?  So I try and share these pictures as I think they are inspiring! 

Maria made fruit cakes. 

I wrote this whole post yesterday and my computer shut down and I lost the lot!  So I have had to start again!   
Ok, finally, on to our subject! 

And Maria's gorgeous baking! 

A couple of weeks ago I had written to Laine as I remembered how she kept spares of things like electrical appliances in case something broke down.  She couldn't remember which letter that was in either!  But now I have found this reference in the letter "Getting out of Debt"  (this letter is full of good money saving tips and well worth reading)  This was the paragraph I was looking for:

23) If possible, I do buy ahead on needed items. Especially when the price is right. Remember when I wrote recently how I found an iron in great condition for only $2.50 and a vacuum in likewise condition for only $7.50. I love to pull out a back up when something really needs to be replaced. It is wonderful to tell my husband, "Oh, don't worry, I have another one."

I am pretty sure this was mentioned in other letters also as Laine was a great one for garage sales (and still is!)

And she still keeps spares!  She shared with me how she  loves backups! Her daughter in law was getting rid of a food processor.  Laine took that and now her own food processor is breaking so she is glad to have this replacement already!  And she still keeps a spare vacuum and was able to help a daughter in law out when she needed one!   Really nothing has changed since Laine wrote that post in  2002!

Last week Laine included the keeping of spares in her list of tips...

6~ I love to shop at garage sales, the deals are really great. (The next best place is thrift shops.) I was looking for a waffle iron and found one last week at an estate sale, just the one I was looking for! But I did search for months. If I find something really inexpensive and I already have one, but I use that item a lot, I will buy it as a back up. I actually had a back up for a waffle iron, but I like this "new" one better as my back up didn't get as crispy as I would like.

Rachel having a cook up! 

Buying things that we know we are going to need and at great prices is just such a big money saver! So many things that we use everyday have a limited life and will need replacing. Having a back up that we got for a few dollars could save us hundreds! 

I have mentioned before how I continually see blogs and websites that suggest the exact opposite of keeping spares and to throw away your spare linen and towels and so on as they make your cupboard look cluttered. They post perfectly neat pictures of a linen press with almost nothing in it. Now we all know nothing is easy to keep tidy,  this is true!   But what if there is sickness in the house, or the washing machine is broken or the power is out?  Or in my case what if the kitchen floor floods!?   Believe me some spares are a good idea! 

Jane's baking and beautiful produce! 

When I talk about minimalism I am not talking about keeping a clean and organised home.  I am talking about the "throw out everything you don't love (and certainly have no spares) trend".
This trend assumes you have the money at any time to go re buy what you just threw away if you need it again!  Pantries are even likely to be considered clutter.   

Mimi's beautiful turnovers! 

Last week I couldn't resist and commented on one of these kinds of posts.    Flying in the face of enthusiastic throwing away I mentioned what if you were sick and not up to washing and others were sick too? Wouldn't spare sheets be rather handy? And since we use linen constantly and that it wears out wouldn't spare sets be handy to replace worn ones?  And since it is expensive wouldn't this save money?   I went on and said if it really is worn out linen makes great hankies, cleaning cloths, dusters...
I have probably been kicked out or blocked by now! 

Some of Cookie's garden produce! 

The argument is to get rid of anything you don't just love.  Things are supposed to speak joy to you or you ditch them.  And people fall for this in droves.  

Now,  I do not like to wear a coat.  I do not love my coat and it doesn't spark joy.  This is for sure. 
However in winter when I go on a car journey I take my coat.  If my car breaks down and I am waiting on the side of the road in the freezing cold something will happen.... I will suddenly LOVE my coat!  😊

While this trend is ok with an ugly vase people are extending minimising to things like being able (or not)  to feed your children in an emergency as it is thought food storage is clutter.   

This is why I love Proverbs and the Proverbs woman.  And why I love the word Prudent!  It is prudent to have emergency supplies and to be able to look after your family in times of sickness, shortage, storms and so on.  It is our job!  

So here we are stocking out pantries, trying to get ahead, be prepared and even have spares! 
With thrift shopping, garage sales, give aways and regular sales we get chances to pick up things at amazing prices!   Yet have you noticed how if something breaks down and you need a new appliance 
 it is usually urgent,  you have limited time and no bargains are to be found!   How nice it would be to have a spare!  

Anne's Sour Dough Bread. She just got started when I offered starter recently!  
Look at her amazing results already! 

Some spares are really important. Like a spare can opener. Others might be an alternative... i.e. if I can't cook on the electric stove I can use the gas BBQ. Or I could use the camp stove. Or we could run the generator and I can boil the kettle or use my electric frypan. 

Anne's bread rolls.  
I think we can safely say you are doing wonderfully with the sour dough!

Last week I was so pleased to find a new (to me!) quilt and quilt cover in a huge size. I am so happy to have these spares. And remember last year when I found huge pure wool cream blankets?  What a find! 

Thrift stores are great for finding all kinds of useful back ups.  And there is something else... many older things are better quality than the current equivalent.  
In the same way I am watching for the best deals on groceries and working on my menu planning and so many of Laine's tips I am watching for wise buys that would be handy spares. 
On my list now I have:
Cast iron cookware. Especially a dutch oven.
Coffee percolator.
Stove top kettle. (for use the BBQ) 
Jaffle maker (for toasted sandwiches on the coals)
Can openers. 
Big tins suitable for bulk flour.
Billie (for campfire tea) 
Good saucepans. 
Leather boots for Andy.
And any of the main electrical appliances.  Remember when I found a brand new washing machine on the side of the road? We kept that in the shed and sure enough one day my old washer died!  To replace it cost us nothing!   I knew I saved $800 that week as I looked up the price of my "new" washer.  I have to say it was great knowing I had my back up waiting! 

Do you keep any back ups of things you use regularly?  What could be good things to watch for n your travels? 
With the electricity crisis we are having here I constantly look at things that need no electricity. I found a nice old hand mixer recently as that would be so useful.   Also I would like an old carpet sweeper!

I hope we all have a good new week!  The sun is shining and I just saw the wholesale butcher has Lamb Shanks for $1.80.  Guess what's on the menu! 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Feather your Nest Friday, 7th July, 2017.

What a week!! After finishing my post last Friday I headed off on my next "shop further afield" trip!
I had been reading Laine's Letters especially everything about how she shops and how she makes food go further in her household.  Then we had Laine's latest tips on how she saves.  Somehow all this had me prepare my lists more carefully and plan my day more carefully as well.

It ended up being the most fantastic day.  Certainly one of the biggest saving shopping trips ever!
I also had coffee with my friend Hilde and she showed me her favourite op shops (thrift stores)  and this was great fun!  Boy did I make some good new discoveries!

After our shopping we went to her house and picked lemons!  I came home with three buckets full and over the weekend I began working my way through them!

Just like before  when I had Bay Leaves all around the house (like Cookie had roses all around her house!) now I have lemons everywhere. They are in bowls and baskets where every I look!

In the middle of winter beautiful lemons are bright and cheerful and smell good! 

The first thing I made was a batch of lemon butter.  

This is very quick and easy to make and has so many uses!

I filled pie shells and made deserts and a pie to give away.

I had the pie shells on hand as I knew I was coming into lemons!  But this is the last time I am buying them.  This weekend my project is to master sweet pie cases!  

As I use lemons I save the peel and am making a big batch of lemon vinegar for cleaning products.... this will get added to tomorrow...

The plan is to make lemon cleaning cloths and lemon miracle cleaner.

Now back to the shopping day!  We went into a lot of shops and got the best deals and then moved on.  I ended up with deals that will last me a long time.  One place was a discount grocery shop (for South Australians this was Rite Price) and I bought my hair colour for a price of 99c each. Normally they are over $18. Usually I would wait until they are on sale for about $12.   A while back I got some at $5 and stocked up and was thrilled.  But 99c? I couldn't believe it.  I got 20!  (that's a savings of over $300 there alone!) 

I found huge bags of Broccoli for $2.
I got a pack of 12 Italian tinned tomatoes at 79c a tin.  This is rare here!  

The op shopping was amazing too.  On my first stop I got a fine blue/grey cardigan that is pretty much my perfect find and have worn it basically ever since.

I bought 12 waterford crystal glasses.  I am mad on crystal and I checked the price in the city and they are $150 for 6 at David Jones.  I paid $3.

Then I found a King sized quilt and quilt cover.  The quilt is Sheridan brand and was $15.  I knew these were about $300 new.  And the cover was Morgan and Finch which is a good brand too.  It is hard to take a photo of but it is my idea of gorgeous!

I spent the weekend getting this all soaked, washed and dried then on to the bed!  I love it!

Harper ended up with a beautiful velvet dress for $5.

I got a Royal Albert coffee cup! ($1)
And I got yards and yards of sewing material in the form of a Queen sized quilt cover and two pillowcases ($5) 

I have joined in with Patsy on a sewing challenge (at A Working Pantry) and this is going to become a tablecloth, napkins and hankies.  (handkerchiefs) 

Also a large heavy bread tin for $2.

It was so much fun and I was amazed.  With all of this (and the lemons) Hilde's sister sent me home with homemade apple strudel.  What a day!

During the week Andy trimmed the hedge.

I made three trays of chicken enchiladas.

I also made 36 large sausage rolls. ONE sausage roll is $3.80 in the shops.  

So it was a really good week!  I am thrilled!  
It was a week of new discoveries, learning, getting ahead and home building!  

I need to add up my Vicky Challenge but I know it will be amazing!  I am running  a bit late with things as we have had another insurance man here this morning to give another quote on our floors.  We just keep going with the next step! 

This weekend I will be making more things with lemons!  I also fill ice cube trays with lemon juice and freeze them for times when I don't have any fresh ones. 

How was your week? How did you build up your home or save?  
Take every opportunity to get ahead and remember little bits really add up!
Have a wonderful weekend! xxx