The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

The World Within our Walls. Creating a space for you.

This week we are thinking about how we can make a space in our homes for ourselves.  I think every family member should have at least some area that is their own little sanctuary that they feel is a quiet place for them.  It should be comfy and reflect their own likes and needs.  While we all want to be together as family we all also need time on our own.  I am the type of person who needs a heap of time alone or I could a bit crazy! Today though we are working on a special place for us.

Very often we put ourselves last.  There might be space issues in which case our own personal spaces that are special might be our bedside table,  the chair we sit in during the evenings or somewhere to sit outside and have a cup of tea in the sunshine.  But we can do something!  

If we possibly can it is just wonderful to have a place to sew and craft, to write, to plan and think!  A little space that is a joy to us.  Decorated in a way that makes us happy!  I am working on a desk area for myself and on improving my craft room.
We can really make the world at home so much nicer with some imagination and for me being able to create something adds to my contentment so much.  Being happy and content at home is the most wonderful thing.  If your home is a retreat then your own little space is a retreat within a retreat! 

Today we are getting to see how Kelsey made herself some personal spaces.   She had a lot of work to do and took advantage of a loft space.   I knew Kelsey was working on this.  She took a "nothing space" and made it so fabulous for herself.  Here she can sew, work away on projects and have moments of quiet.
Taking on an area that has been unused for a long time can be daunting.  It was like that with my cellar.  At first I was too chicken to even go in it!  But now it is so useful!

Kelsey and her husband moved out to the family ranch.  It is a good house but it hadn't had a woman touch for a long time.   I knew it would take a while for Kelsey to make it home for them and get it feeling like home for her.  She started on the kitchen and pantry.  And she soon had these up and running.  Next she happily needed to create a nursery!  😊

Now to the loft.  I am so thrilled with what she created!

There is great storage,  a big surface for cutting out and sewing, a pin up board, lighting, baskets.... 
Kelsey said that really this space is hers and she can make it as girly as she wants as the men in the house won't be hanging around here!  

What struck me is what a good investment of time and effort this is to our future productivity!  And happiness!   And the use of a previously unused room!  
Sometimes too we have a space that has been allocated to something... but really it is never actually used.   This are fair game in my opinion!

Next Kelsey needed a desk.  She used everything she already had although some things were in storage.   For her desk she just found an unused nook.   She set it up with stationary,  her Bible, a lovely picture and light...

She made curtains out of painters drop cloths.  These worked out to be very inexpensive curtains and I love them!

Finally there was an odd space in the house.  It is narrow and a fireplace is on the other side of this wall.  The thing is the window looks out on a great view of miles of beautiful countryside!  So Kelsey has made it her quite sitting or reading place.

Kelsey you have done such a good job of taking what you have and making some spaces just for you!  Very inspiring! 

Next week we are going on with this and Kelley is sharing with us her Inspiration Station.  If you are creative or want to be creative then having somewhere to work is such a help.   Not only that but it is a kind of escape and really relaxing to drift off into your own little world even if it is only for a few minutes!  

Do you have an areas in your house that you feel are your own or that you have decorated just as you like?
Would you like to work on this and set yourself up a little desk, side table, work station or dressing table?  There are many other options too,  a chair in the sun,  a tray of bath salts and bubble bars next to the bath...  it could be anything you like. 

Today I am heading off to the farm.  I think my normal post on Wednesday will be late, maybe Thursday!  But I will get to it as I have both The Home Pharmacy and craft posts to do!  
Have a wonderful week! xxx

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Feather your Nest Friday, 16th February, 2018.

We were so lucky this week with mild weather and a cool breeze in the evenings.  So much easier!

Some of the ways I saved and feathered my nest included:

I made yoghurt.

I picked the very last of the peaches. This was about 7 more kilos (14 lb)  so over all I had ended up with over 100 kilos of peaches.  This kept me busy for three weeks!

These gave me (and the wider family) beautiful fresh fruit daily,  peach crumbles, pies, cobblers, stewed fruit and cakes. The freezer is full. Mums freezer is full!
All of this when I doubted I would get any free fruit this year.  It came on top of my Aunts beautiful plums.   Now I have started on the Quinces.

The first thing I did was make a big batch of Quince Paste.  This is so delicious and keeps ages.  It sells for $5.50 for 100 grams in the supermarket.  
I cut mine into 18 portions a little larger than this.  

It goes with cheese and crackers or on a cheese board.   So yum!
I will give some as gifts too as once you have had it then it is a kind of addiction!

I gave Harper the bike I found once I had it cleaned up and decorated.   Complete hit!

She has baby in the back. 😊

For Valentines Day I baked a large heart shaped dish of Chocolate Brownies.  This was desert and then I cut it into squares and froze heaps to go in lunch boxes.

I cut Andy's hair.

Lucy gave me some moisturiser which I put away to use next.

I had my car serviced and tried a mechanic that Lucy uses. He comes to your house and so this is a huge time saver.  His price was cheaper than the dealer I had been going to.  Then I offered him cash and it was half again!   And he was fantastic!   This was a big saving and now will be in the future.

Finally I got somewhere with one of my New Year plans... to learn to sell things.  Lucy had given me some children's clothes that were surplus or rejects from her online store.   I set them up on a stand and took a photo.

I offered them as a single lot as I didn't want a crowd in my house or too much drama.  I said $100 for it all.  Then I posted on a Facebook local buy, sell, swap group.  They were sold in five minutes and picked up by the end of the day.  There was a queue of reserve buyers.   I was amazed how easy this was.   Success!  Also stuff out of my craft room!
Now what to sell next!? 

I have been working on my craft cupboard and organisation.  I have along way to go!

Andy had Vicky Challenge savings this week which amounted to $550!  He is very pleased with himself. 

So that was my week!   I am pretty pleased.  

How did you save, get ahead, add to your pantry or any other good thing?  
I feel I am working on many areas all at once at the moment.  Everyday I work a bit more on my craft organisation,  a bit on general household organisation,  each week I am rotating things stored in my cellar and most days I have been working through fruit.  I figure if I keep chipping away at them all sooner or later I will get there! 

Have a lovely weekend!  xxx

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Home Pharmacy. Getting started with the oils for you.

Thank you for such a helpful and positive response to last weeks post!  Because I am learning these posts are probably really boring for anyone well ahead of me but I will really appreciate your help if you want to contribute.  And for others like me who are just starting out I hope we can go along together and learn in leaps and bounds!

Thank you also for so many suggestions of specific oils and how to use them, books and websites etc.  This kept me busy in every spare moment all week.  It was very helpful!  I went on to order Manuka Oil and several other things as a result too.

As it turned out I had a chance to really test something out.  And this leads me to a good point to start....  when ordering your very first essential oils pick things that will help you with your most urgent and common needs.   My first list was something to help with getting to sleep,  something to keep germs at bay when bugs are going around and something for me when I get a sore throat.  I get a really terrible sore throat a few times a year and I have for years.  Once it starts up it sticks around.  It is the type where you don't want to swallow it hurts so much.  I hate it!   And I have tried EVERYTHING!   I mean, I have had it for years so I really have tried it all.... except essential oils!
A few days ago I felt fine but tired.  In the night I woke up from the pain of a really bad throat.  It had started up and was terrible.   Straight away I thought about what I knew I am in for!
Even though it was the middle of the night I at least managed to remember my oregano oil which is what I had on hand especially for this and bad colds etc.   I already had it in a roller ball diluted with a carrier oil.   So I got up and rubbed this on my neck and a lot into the glands, you know... sort of on the side of your neck under your ears.... which were a bit tender.   Then for good measure I rubbed it into my feet.  I had a cup of tea... and settled down to sleep again.  Andy woke up and I said I am sorry if I smell like the botanical gardens but I am trying out my oregano oil.  lol
In the morning I didn't have a sore throat.  At all.  This has NEVER happened before.  Never.
Instead of being happy I thought WHY has no one ever told me about this before!  Why when I have been to the Doctor a hundred and fifty thousand times over the years didn't I get told to try this?
It makes you wonder.

Anyway I am so impressed!

This week I will share a few really basics that got me started and helped me.
I both read up and asked around about what oils I could buy to get started that would be most useful to me.   There is no use buying random oils and having no clue what to do with them.  And no use buying things you won't like.  I know Peppermint is useful but I hate the smell. I would never use it.  I went by the most pressing concerns I had and just got three oils initially.

I knew I wanted pure essential oils and this matters.  After that I was slightly put off by cost.  Really small bottles seems very expensive.  This varies a lot depending on each oil.   It might be possible to chose the less expensive of the options suggested to address your concerns.

Then I realised your small bottle consists of drops.  We are talking about using droplets as this is very concentrated.  Some oils are used in cooking and there are conversion charts that show the strength... i.e. one drop of lemon oil equals two whole lemons in a recipe.  What you are buying is very concentrated.  If you keep it in a dark cool place it is going to last a long time.
Next the oils are mainly diluted before you use them on your skin which means they go even further.
It  is great to make up rollers with your own oils or blends.   Whoever sells essential oils seems to sell these.  They are also available on Ebay, Amazon etc.

Mine are 10ml.  I have a little funnel and they are filled with a carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil.  You need the coconut oil that never sets which is called Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Once again this is also going to last you ages as you are using less than 10mls  (33 ounces) to fill a roller.

In your roller you put your drops of essential oil then top it up with your carrier oil and shake.   It seems there are differing opinions on how many drops of essential oil to use.  I used five drops but I am reading now to use ten.  I still found five smells quite strong and it has been effective.  So you can work that out and maybe try it and see.   But this means you get a nice little container of useable oil from just a few drops of your bottle.  Suddenly you start to see how far a bottle is actually going to go as the roller ball seems to last just ages!

I found writing on my bottles just rubbed off so I needed a stick on label.  You can label them with the name of the oil or the purpose... like I have Sleep which is Lavender.  But then I have Oregano as I can remember what it is for.  As long as it helps you use them!

Last winter when the flu was everywhere I dabbed my On Guard blend on my wrists and under my nose before I went anywhere.   This year I will also be diffusing it at home.
I keep my sleep blend on my bedside table and also my Oregano oil so I can grab it in the night if I need it.

So this is my start and already it has helped me!  
Next is to expand to some more oils as I learn about them and what would be beneficial.  And also to work through the needs of other family members.

I have a diffuser and I really don't know how to use it so this week I will be doing a lot of reading on that.
As I am including herbs, home remedies, vitamins and homeopathy in my medicine cupboard I have a lot to learn but it is really interesting.  I have always used garlic, echinacea, vitamin C and then started using  Olive Leaf extract.  My own olive leaves are almost dry so I can start making my own.
I have Oregano and Rosemary tinctures almost ready too.   I am also looking for an actual cupboard to be my Home Pharmacy all in one spot.

Wendy kindly let me know there is a free Essential Oil course coming up.  We don't know what it will be like but are hopeful and we both signed up.  You can find this here.  Thank you Wendy.

And Patsy is thinking about spring and here is her list of medical plants she is growing...  Gardening 2018 Medical Herbs/Plants.   A medical garden is a wonderful idea and when essential oils are expensive we can still benefit from the medical properties of herbs and plants in other ways...  i.e. teas and infusions...

I think this is like anything else... a little bit each week really adds up!  And it is easier than you think at first!

What essential oils have you had success with?
Do you make up blends as so far I have only made single oils into roller balls...
Do you have tips on saving money while building up our supplies?  Or on how to make supplies last as long as possible?
Last week there lots of incredibly helpful comments and really following all these up led me to so much information and so many things that are very useful to me.  Thank you!
I will try to work through one subject at a time as we go along.
This week I am trying to figure out the best way to use my diffuser.   Also I am going on to make some essential oil cleaning products.

I hope you are having a good week!
Somewhere I also have to fit in a craft and present cupboard post!  Busy busy!


Sunday, 11 February 2018

The World Within our Walls. Using what you have.

When we want to refresh or change things around there is really nothing like a good clean to make everything just seem better.  And I love a change around.  It makes a big difference and has that effect of a major spring clean!
Very often we can make things that little bit nicer without spending anything... like a "shop your wardrobe" session we might be able to refresh a piece of furniture or re use something in a new way.  Have you noticed very often our most beautiful things are away in a cupboard somewhere?  Sometimes putting things into use,  displaying them or re using them somehow is a great way to make things look lovely.

Instant improvements in my house seem to include throwing a fresh tablecloth onto the table, adding something nice in the middle as a table setting...
-putting a little vase of flowers in the bathroom,
-freshening up the hall table as it is kind of the first thing anyone sees...
-the same for the area around the front door.... I treat this like part of indoors so that it looks clean and fresh.
Another disaster zone the looks better instantly with a re arrange is my lounge room coffee table.

Bigger projects are a coat of paint which can transform things incredibly.  I just saw someone with pantry shelves that looked like marble.  It was contact paper!  Oh my goodness it looked so nice!

Jane provided todays pictures! 
She made over her chair and foot stool. 
This is so Jane!  She loves bright colours and loves patchwork. 
This is perfect for her home. 
If I walked into someones home and saw this I know I am going to really like them! 

In the school holidays we used to often have a bedroom re arranging day.  This would be an excuse to have a complete clean out and at the end the girls would feel that they had a "new room" but most of the time it was just a re use and refresh and things looked so different in new places.   It was so much fun.  I was always amazed what a difference a day like this could make!  You can have a big impact just using what you have!

I recently joined a pantry and organising Facebook group.  Often someone will post a picture of a room in the morning (very often a pantry) and then how it looks by the end of the day.  These are great!  A day of cleaning, organising and putting it all back... what a difference a day makes!   These all make me want to pick a target and get going!
So often we have things that can be put to good use in a make over like this.
An old ladder can come in to store your blankets or towels...
Baskets might fill the bottom of your pantry for veggies or paper products.
Look at everything from another angle and see if it can be handy somehow!

Really mundane things like cardboard boxes can become stylish pantry organisers.   Or formula tins or big coffee jars!   Take a look at this pantry where much of the storage is just old cardboard boxes...
The Most frugal Way to Organise your Pantry.  Very inspiring!

The other day Jane was recovering the cushions on her outdoor setting.
How pretty does this look!?

So much can be done just using what we have!  Making something over is very satisfying!  You end up with something unique rather than mass produced too!

Jane's very comfy but worn out sewing chair...

And now! Just lovely!

I am on a mission to use what I have and organise my craft cupboard and craft room.  It is a bomb right now.  Hopefully I will also find things that I can be putting to good use in other ways and make some gifts for the cupboard as well.  

What have you are used, made over,  revitalised in your home?
Do you have anything that needs a facelift or something that you KNOW COULD be useful but you are just now sure how?

Truly so many things can be charming and lovely yet they are in the back of a cupboard somewhere.  Giving them new life is better than shopping!   If we get busy on this I am going to have a "Show and Tell" for our home makeovers.... it could be your re arranged pantry,  or any re used, fixed up item!  I think this could be so interesting! 

Have a wonderful week!  It is much better here with lower temperatures! Yay! xxx

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Feather your Nest Friday, 9th February, 2018.

This has been a much quieter week!  It has been hot and headachy weather.  I had a headache I couldn't budge.  I knew it was time to slow down.

The highlight of the week was Scarlett's Birthday.  She turned the big 1 and we had a picnic in the park.   It was a beautiful day.

There were pink cup cakes and Harper thought these were just fabulous.

We had everyone there, Great Grandma's and cousins and Aunty Chloe and Luke (the big kids)

As you can see it was a lovely day and a beautiful park which is two streets away from us.  It is filled with Kookaburra's  that sang the whole time. 

Some savings for the week were:

Luke gave Andy a heap of yabbies so that was dinner one night.

I was given jars.  Just wen the jar situation was getting grim two bags of jars came in!

At the supermarket I found some bargain steak so that became dinner that night.

I picked the last of the peaches... or close to the last...  some I sent home to Dad.  Chloe took a bag home too.  I think I picked about 15 kilos this week  (over 30 lbs)
We lived on fresh peaches which are so nice cold from the fridge on a hot day.  I also froze more and made a crumble. 

Mum came to the city for the party with a bucket of farm honey.   It is 15 kilos of pure lovely honey.  So beautiful.   The going price seems to be about $15 a kilo so this added $225 to my Vicky Challenge!  Very happy!

I had a roadside find.  I cleaned up this little bike for Harper.  I added stickers.  It is not in new condition but it is the next size up from what she has and she will have fun with it!

Otherwise it was a case of trying to stay cool, water the garden in the evening and keep the stove off! 

Thank you for the huge response to Wednesdays "The Home Pharmacy" post.   Thank you for so much help!  I can say this week I have learned so much already. 

How did you feather your nest, save money, get ahead or build up your pantry this week?
You might have been struggling with cold weather instead of the heat! 
Have a wonderful weekend!  xxx

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Home Pharmacy.

While I am working on fruit every day I haven't made much progress on my present cupboard so today I want to start up a subject I have been planning to introduce this year.
I am a slow starter although I guess life experiences have gradually built up my confidence and made me want to learn more about natural health and remedies.

My very basic introduction has been years of using natural cleaners that I mostly make myself.  I love the smell of Eucalyptus oil or Lavender oil and would far prefer to use these at home that things from the cleaning isle that take my breath away.  I feel confident with them, that they kill dust mites and so does sunshine (on my bedding) and that my house is clean, fresh and healthy.  I basically don't want toxic fumes in the house!

Years ago I went to a Homoeopath and she was by far the best "doctor" I have ever been to.  She knew things no one else ever even mentioned.  When I met her she told me I was a person who couldn't stand windows shut or a lack of fresh air or to be in confined spaces.  How would she know that?  She seemed to know everything!  When I was pregnant with Lucy it took ages to get a positive pregnancy test so no one was sure.  I went to see her and she looked around the corner as I sat there in the waiting room and said "Hello Annabel!  Oh, you are having another baby!"   Just like that! She didn't need a test.

When the girls were small I started using Rescue Remedy and I had a couple of oil blends that were relaxing and helped with sleep.  I would rub the girls feet with these and I considered them miracle workers.  I also used some oils in the bath and found them so blissful and relaxing. To me finding ones you really just love was the catch,  I found Patchouli, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Geranium just perfect for me.

Last winter the flu here was really bad.  (And now I see it has been equally serious in US.)  Chloe gave me Oregano Oil which she swears by and On Guard Blend which is based on Thieves oil blend. This is an old  "protection from germs"  essential oil mix.   I had Lucy's family sick and Harper was so ill.  I sat and nursed her as she cried and felt I was doomed to get sick myself.  Years ago I had the Beijing flu and will never forget.  The last thing I remember is I was on the floor and giant spiders were coming to get me. Then I remember being in hospital.  
I know it came on fast.  I suddenly ached all over so severely. In the middle of the night I had trouble getting up to go to the bathroom.  I knew I was in trouble.   With this memory I thought I might be in trouble again and I had nothing to lose by using Chloe's oils.  I rubbed the Oregano Oil on my feet at bedtime and every time I left the house I dabbed On Guard under my nose and on my wrists.  I also did the obvious hand washing etc.  
Amazingly I did not get sick.  Everyone around me did.  So this built up my confidence with these oils and made me want to learn more.

When my Birthday came around I asked for more oils!  I was also given a diffuser.  So my collection is growing!

Saying all this I basically know nothing!  I am on a journey to learn.  I think it could be an important skill and asset and an addition to the first aid kit and general preparedness.   My pantry is in pretty good shape and I continue to work on it.  I think this is a way to improve preparedness generally.

This is in Chloe's kitchen. 
She has a medicine cabinet and an essential oils cabinet.

I am not giving advice and not selling anything.
I just hope to learn and benefit and for it to be part of my preparedness and pantry.

Jess was one of the first to get me started.  Her e book had me reading up on how to make tinctures and essences.  This book is huge and full of information and recipes...  100+ DIY Projects to make with fruit scraps.  I really started to learn something.  For instance it had  not occurred to me that the rosehips in my garden could be make into vitamin C syrup.  I noted that this kind of knowledge could be very good in hard times.

Jess also has extensive reading in her section The Art of Aromatherapy DIY's which is a really good place to start and she has heaps of links there to make up all kinds of good things from household cleaners to remedies.

Then she has Create your home pharmacy.  Here you learn how to make oils, teas, tinctures and so much more.  

Patsy also egged me on.   She takes turmeric for its anti inflammatory properties and buys her own gel capsules to make her own tablets.  She makes fire cider to ward off sickness.  Her blog has a section called The Medicinal Part of my Pantry.  She suggests some wonderful books too and I am working my way through those!

These links will help you start off if you are wanting to learn.  I have noticed many are very interested when it comes to trying to prevent the flu and building up immunity.   I am!

I probably timed this badly as Lana is very good with this and she is away at the moment!  Glenda is extremely knowledgeable in this area and professionally qualified as well.  She has helped me greatly and gave me a book of herbs and their medical properties.   So if you are just starting out then follow along.  If you have knowledge, experience and can suggest websites etc then please share.

Please do your own research on everything, check things thoroughly such as interactions between medications and herbs or essential oils and get your doctors advice!

Do you have any remedies that you strongly believe in or make?
Have you had success with essential oils or herbal medicine?
What would you like to learn?
My first goal is to be better prepared for flu season which starts here in about April.  I am wanting to know more about prevention and building up immunity.  So this is a start! xxx

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The World Within our Walls. Domestic Bliss.

We are looking at lots of ways to make the world within our walls a safe and happy retreat from the world.  A big part of this for me is to do with standards i.e. the worlds standards and ideas are not necessarily our own and at least at home we can stick with what we believe to be true and right.
But there is more... we can decorate and run things in a way that makes us happy and our hearts sing!

For each of us there will be different things that are the little touches that we really adore.  It might be because our Grandma had pretty curtains in her kitchen or a floral under sink skirt or perhaps she wore an apron so even now the sight of an apron makes us happy.

Vicky has been adding the finishing touches to her new pantry.

Looking back to times when there was no K Mart and little money women still found a way and cut newspapers into pretty lace trims for their pantry.  They painted cans and jar lids to make canister sets.  They sewed curtains from feed bags and used wooden boxes for seating.  We just love to feather our nest and make it nice.  This business of making the ordinary beautiful was called "A woman's touch."

Apart from being warm and comfy we all have little things that make us feel happy and content.  Each member of the family will have things that they love and these are usually easy to spot.
Some of mine are fresh clean linen on the bed.   Pretty tea cups to drink from.  Flowers in the house.  I like things to be clean and I like sparkle and light.  I love gorgeous pillowcases,  milk jugs, a pot of tea,  frilly edges...

Happily Andy loves clean sheets and the way linen smells when it comes in from the line as that makes us both happy.  He likes a coffee mug and his favourite brand of coffee. He likes giant bath towels, leather luggage and hats.  In his office he has vintage trunks and he has a music room full of instruments and recording stuff.
We love a soft throw on the lounge in winter.  And soft lighting in the evening.
What I am trying to say is let your home reflect the people who live there.
If your daughter loves purple paint the walls purple!  Let each person flourish in their space.

I love to make ordinary and boring things nice. These things just make my heart happy!  They might be stupid to some but my heart just melts over jars for the pantry with painted lids or decals on the front.

These are just baby food jars.  
I made the blue set for Chloe and she uses them for vitamins.

This means I am never going to fit in with many home decorating fashions. There was a recent one where homes looked like dental surgeries.  You don't have to squash everything you love to fit in to some current trend!  It is your home, your sanctuary.... you want to feel comfortable in your own home!

Some of the most beautiful homes I have even been in haven't been new or grand in any way... they have just been homely.  You feel comfortable there.  There is love and peace inside those walls!
If I see a tablecloth on the table or a row of canisters or jars I think oooh I have found a friend!

Little touches speak volumes to me and they really add up.  

I put dishwashing liquid and things I think look ugly into nice bottles...

Sometimes I make up my own laundry powered and make it pink!

I love beautiful kitchen towels and pot holders.

I love netting throws and covers for picnic or outdoor food.   If I make a cake I put it on a cake stand, it just seems more special!

Even cleaning cloths are nicer if they are a bit pretty.  I can actually be happy cleaning!

This one was made by Kelsey as a gift.  So gorgeous! 

I also love to see time worn things that someone else has used... like a rolling pin that is really old or an apron that has faded.  To me this is so romantic!

If it is dark or colourful I paint it!   I spray painted a whole heap of random tins and used paper napkins to decorate the tops and then I had a "matching set."

Decorating, straightening, cleaning and making.... being happy and content at home is so lovely.  When you are busy and loving it you are also setting the tone.  What is actually better than coming through the door to a happy home?  

Don't let anyone tell you that your work at home is a waste of your precious time.  You are creating a thing of beauty and a resting place.   There is no place like home!  It is our sanctuary and our launch pad into the world too.  Don't underestimate its power or importance.   When the kids walk in the door coming home from school and they smell baking...  this is beautiful!   My husband will open the door and say "what is cooking, what smells so good!??"  He is so happy to be home.   To me these things are a bigger success than an academy award! 

What are the homely touches that really make you feel wonderful? 
Have you had that experience where you organise or decorate something and you love it so much you keep going back to admire it?  
Is there an area that needs a makeover because it bugs you? 
A little bit of cleaning or organising here and there soon adds up.  A few little touches of beauty soon add up too! 

Have a wonderful week!  xxx